NATO discusses large-scale Russia’s attack

Nato’s deputy commander of forces in Europe British general Sir Adrian Bradshaw told an audience at the Royal United Services Institute that Nato had to maintain a cohesive system of deterrence on its eastern borders, something that would require help from the EU. He said Nato was pushing ahead with plans for a very high readiness joint taskforce, “in order to convince Russia, or any other state adversary, that any attack on one Nato member will inevitably lead them into a conflict with the whole alliance”.

Censor.NET reports citingThe Guardian.

In his speech, Bradshaw described Russia's tactics as a "hybrid combination", using fast-generated conventional military forces as well as "subversion by a number of means, both military and non-military".

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Talking of "an era of constant competition with Russia", Bradshaw said that the alliance needed to develop both fast-reacting conventional forces and capacities to counter Russian efforts at coercion and propaganda, as seen in Ukraine.

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