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 Russian-terrorist forces have thrown all reserve troops available in the area into battle to seize Debaltseve - MP Tymchuk

Fierce engagements are underway near Debaltseve.

MP Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page citing InfoResist situation report, Censor.NET informs.

"Fierce battles are underway near Debaltseve. The Russian-terrorist forces' command has thrown all reserve troops available in the area into battle to seize this city.

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"For example, there are only up to 300 terrorists, two BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers (not operationally ready) and one mortar battery in Stakhanov city as of the morning of Feb. 18. A large force of local militants and Russian mercenaries, as well as equipment and armament were previously concentrated in this city. The rest of the military efforts were redeployed to Debaltseve vicinity. The similar situation is in Horlivka - all resources were also switched to Debaltseve suburbs (in particular, 11 tanks and five armored combat vehicles were redeployed from this city to the area near Kalynivka village and north of Vuhlehirsk). The terrorists' 'reinforcements' - about 300 militants, four tanks, two ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft mounts, three trucks with D-30 towed howitzers, two BMP-2 armored fighting vehicles, two BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and four covered trucks moved from Donetsk to Yenakiieve through Yasynuvata. The mentioned efforts were taken from two districts of Donetsk (Petrivskyi and Kuibyshevskyi) to be engaged in Debaltseve operation.

"The new attack tactical group of the Russian-terrorist forces that earlier arrived to Verhulivka village, which InfoResist have previously reported about, launched the offensive yesterday morning (Feb. 17) together with the other company task force, which operated there earlier. Another enemy task force (up to two reinforced companies) attacked Debaltseve from the north-east. The enemy has brought into action about 25 tanks, up to 35 armored combat vehicles totally with the support of three artillery battalions (up to 40 cannon artillery units and 12 MLRS units). As a result, the enemy was able to break into the city and engage in street fighting in its eastern and central parts. The enemy maintains fire control over the motorway between Debaltseve and Artemivsk from the high points (the commanding point 307.9 has been also seized by the enemy) preventing the supply of detachments offering resistance in the city. The Ukrainian artillery shelled the enemy combat formations deployed near Lohvynove and east of Debaltseve yesterday evening," Tymchuk wrote.

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