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 Debaltseve bypass road not occupied by the enemy, but passing it without casualties is impossible - Butusov

The situation at the Debaltseve bridgehead is extremely difficult.

This is stated by Censor.NET Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Debaltseve bypass road is not occupied by the enemy, but passing it without casualties is not possible anymore. The enemy took control of an elevation near the village of Krasnyy Pakhar and Sanzharivka, including the high point of the area - 307.9.

"Daytime movement on the road near the 307.9 elevation and adjacent heights takes place under enemy fire at point-blank range. During the movement of the convoy near Debaltseve several soldiers of the 8th special forces regiment and the 101st security brigade were captured.

"The General Staff has not yet taken any action to dislodge the enemy from Krasnyy Pakhar and heights near Sanzharivka.

"Orders to all units are given directly by Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko bypassing the command of sector C, bypassing the main command center of the General Staff. Muzhenko cannot organize an attack from the outside of the entrapment and drive the enemy away from the dominant positions at the highway.

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"Russian troops have started the attack on Debaltseve on Feb. 14. Assault groups of the enemy have already taken more than 50% of the city and continue to attack.

"Dislodging the enemy is only possible with fresh armored reserves.

"This morning the enemy tanks and infantry attacked our units at the Debaltseve railway station. Our units were not provided with the support of tanks or anti-tank weapons and were forced to leave the station.

"The enemy uses battle teams with a large number of armored vehicles and has a numerical superiority. However, our guys do not give up the positions without a fight, and they fight desperately, even under these conditions," Butusov wrote.

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