Russian army has threefold increase in draft dodging and twofold in AWOLs - Official statistics


The number of soldiers run away from the military installations has grown twice, and the number of dodgers evading military service has tripled.

This is stated by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, Censor.NET reports citing Kommersant.

According to the report of the Service, in 2014 the number of crimes in the army increased by almost 17% (here and thereafter the first half of 2013 and the first half of 2014 are compared). The highest rates are associated with violence in the military and soldiers and recruits dodging the service. The violations of Art. 337 (absence without leave) of the Russian Criminal Code have increased by 60%: 388 cases in 2013 and 629 AWOLs in 2014. Serious leap occurred in the statistics of the violations under Art. 339 (evasion of military service obligations by simulating illness, or otherwise) - this figure has tripled from 33 cases in 2013 to 115 in 2014.

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The number of recruits in 2013 and in 2014 was almost identical. In spring of 2013 153,200 people were called to arms. In spring 2014 154,000 were called.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Sergei Zhiharev believes that the actual level of crimes in the army remained at the same level, and the reason for growing numbers is that commanders stopped hiding violations.

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"Previously, the approach was as follows: if a soldier breaks the law, it threatens all officers with the end of their career, so previously everyone tried to hide such cases," he said. According to him, when Sergei Shoigu was appointed the Defense Minister, the approach to these issues has changed: "The commanders were let know that in some cases they will be asked, but it was made clear that the those who committed the offenses will be punished, and the concealment will lead to much more severe sanctions."

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