Alleged Russian secret service employee Briton Graham Phillips accidentally exposed invasion of Russia's regular troops at Debaltseve - Butusov

Alleged Russian secret service employee Graham Phillips was shooting a propaganda clip on the offensive against Debaltseve and accidentally exposed invasion of Ukraine by regular troops of the Russian Federation.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"A column of Russian T72B3 tanks, of the 2012 make are preparing to attack the Ukrainian positions at Debaltseve.

"It is on these tanks that Russia carried out an invasion in August 2014, and several of these combat vehicles were destroyed by the Ukrainian troops, with one tank from the 8th infantry brigade shot down and captured by a group of army engineers under the command of South OPCOM Colonel Kovalskyi . The crew of the 17th armored brigade - junior sergeant Isaiev, driver Martyniuk and Colonel Yevhen Sidorenko - used this tank to provide cover for our troops' exit from Ilovaisk. They shot down three Russian APCs and suppressed a number of firing points saving numerous lives," Butusov noted.


"Compare the video with these photos. The first one shows the tower of a T-72B3, most likely destroyed by tank crews of the 1st tank brigade at Novosvitlivka of the Luhansk region in August.


"The second photo from the parade on Red Square in Moscow clearly demonstrates visual differences from the usual Russian T72 tank.

"The third photo shows the T-72B3 captured by our guys at Ilovaisk; it was leading the column breaking out of Mnohopillia," he wrote.


The editor stated that the T-72B3 cannot be mastered by simple Russian mercenaries. It is the newest tank used by constant readiness units of land forces of the Russian Federation. Its main and well noticeable difference is a Sosna commander thermal sight, made in Belarus, as well as equipment of the French company Thales, whose sights use is taught only in the Russian army units.

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"I have already written about the evidence of capturing the T72B3. The fact of Russian army's direct involvement in killing Ukrainians and Debaltseve offensive has just received another proof.

"Of course, all these materials are added to a single database of evidence of Russian aggression in Ukraine both in Russian and English versions of Censor.NET," Butusov concluded.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n324935