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 Russian troops keep committing attacks at Debaltseve salient. Situation report as of Feb. 16, 2.00 a.m. by Butusov

карта ато ATO map

According to Censor.NET sources, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than a dozen injured on Debaltseve bridgehead during the first day of ‘truce’.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

The report reads: "There is still no sign of 'armistice' in the 'C' sector. The Ukrainian artillery kept silence all day. Meanwhile, the Russian detachments continue conducting attacks supported by tanks and artillery through the entire bridgehead perimeter. The enemy assault teams are attacking Debaltseve. The Russian-terrorist troops conduct active hostilities near Nyzhnie Lozove and Novohryhorivka villages trying to cut the only road that connects our troops deployed on the bridgehead with our front line near the villages of Luhanske and Artemivsk.

"Our troops are repulsing enemy attacks using small arms and rocket launchers.

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"The enemy controls the area between Lozove and Kalynivka villages which allows holding the village of Lohvynove and repulsing sporadic and still poorly organized retaliatory attacks of the Ukrainian detachments.

"307.9 and 303.4 heights, which provide domination over the rest of the highway, have the key tactical importance in this situation. The long term operations in the area are impossible without reliable control of these heights. "The road of life" became direct fire engagement area for the Russian detachments. Nevertheless, several Ukrainian convoys with reinforcements and provisioning have broken through into Debaltseve over the last two days and the wounded were managed to be taken from the city yesterday.

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"There is no encirclement at the moment. However, the enemy has concentrated substantial forces to close the mousetrap and cut off the last remaining way for provisioning, which is already too unsafe. If the Ukrainian command does not take drastic measures, the encirclement will be closed.

"If the ban on opening the artillery fire is unilaterally observed by Ukraine, if the troops' rotation is not held and mobile reserves are not accumulated at the bridgehead, it will be impossible to keep it. It is necessary to take immediate massive and well-organized attack under a single command on the external front of the encirclement - the Russian forces in the area of Lozova-Kalynivka-Lohvynove should be at the very least kept down or defeated as a maximum.

"Several soldiers of the trapped forces as well as those moving by the "road of life" were killed and wounded during the day. It is strange to hear the ATO HQ statements that there were no casualties.

"According to Censor.NET sources, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than a dozen injured on Debaltseve bridgehead during the first day of 'truce'.

"I hope that the OSCE observers will be delivered to Debaltseve by the only remaining road today so they can see with their own eyes who and how exactly violates the 'truce'," Butusov wrote.

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