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 Debaltseve salient. Situation report as of Feb.14, 10 a.m. - Butusov

The Debaltseve bridgehead is controlled by Ukrainian troops. Attacks at Debaltseve town have been repulsed, as well as from Chornukhyne village. On Feb.12-13, Russian troops attempted to break through the defense of Ukrainian troops near Novohryhorivka village. The situation took a bad turn yesterday morning, when enemy armored vehicles cut behind the Army and surrounded one of the strongholds. The ATO forces delivered a counterattack and destroyed the enemy in the evening. Communication was restored and Ukrainian positions were reinforced.

This was stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"The terrorists still control Lohvynove-Kalynivka area. The attacks of Ukrainian troops were repulsed. The enemy was able to strengthen positions a result of inactivity of the Army command on Feb. 9-10.

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"Today, on Feb. 14, the intensity of the artillery attacks at Ukrainian positions declined slightly. There is no threat of the enemy's breakout. The ATO forces hold the line firmly. The efficiency of Ukrainian artillery significantly increased in the evening on Feb.13. It would be good to keep it on the same level.

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"The situation remains extremely dangerous. The enemy who controls Lohvynove has real chances to encircle Ukrainian troops and block supply transportation in case the cease-fire would be followed by the end of the day. If our troops hadn't repelled yesterday's attack at Debaltseve bridgehead, the Minsk agreements would have been signed on quite different conditions.

Thanks you, heroes!," Butusov wrote.

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