79th Brigade destroyed militants’ assault force in the Donetsk airport and took a dozen prisoners - Biriukov

The first group of terrorists was allowed to approach, and then destroyed. The captured militants trapped their comrades requesting reinforcements.

Adviser to the president Yurii Biriukov wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"I rarely hype the 79th Airmobile Brigade. I mean it! Considering Brigade's achievements - they indeed are deprived of media attention and awards. We will fix this once, as soon as we are allowed to disclose more information on their deeds," he wrote.

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"The separatists so often and so loudly boasted that they have seized the Donetsk airport that they themselves must have believed it. The relaxed militants headed towards meteorological tower today. The first group was allowed to approach, and then destroyed. Several militants were taken prisoner and asked to request reinforcements on the radio. The reinforcements arrived being led into battle by Givi's (militants' group chieftain - Ed.) deputy. The result was the same plus a dozen prisoners," the adviser to the president wrote.

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"The terrorists' control of the Donetsk airport resulted in numerous eliminated militants (including the commander of the assault force) and a dozen prisoners. And this is just one of the episodes for today," Biriukov summed up.

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