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 US ready to contribute in monitoring of the Minsk agreements’ observance

The United States will judge the commitment of Russia and the separatists “by their actions, not their words”.

Censor.NET reports citing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's statement released Thursday.

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The press statement reads: "The United States welcomes the news that the OSCE-led Trilateral Contact Group, supported by Chancellor Merkel and Presidents Hollande, Poroshenko, and Putin, reached agreement on a cease-fire and heavy weapons withdrawal in eastern Ukraine, and on the implementation of the September Minsk agreements. We particularly commend the diplomatic efforts of our European Allies, Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande, and their teams in making this agreement possible. Actions will be what matter now. The first test of this agreement and the prospects for a comprehensive settlement will be the full implementation of the cease-fire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons by all parties - by Ukraine, the separatists, and Russia. All the parties must show complete restraint in the run-up to the Sunday cease-fire, including an immediate halt to the Russian and separatist assault on Debaltseve and other Ukrainian towns.

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"The parties have a long road ahead before achieving peace and the full restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty. The United States stands ready to assist in coordination with our European Allies and partners. We will judge the commitment of Russia and the separatists by their actions, not their words. As we have long said, the United States is prepared to consider rolling back sanctions on Russia when the Minsk agreements of September 2014, and now this agreement, are fully implemented. That includes a full cease-fire, the withdrawal of all foreign troops and equipment from Ukraine, the full restoration of Ukrainian control of the international border, and the release of all hostages.

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"We also welcome the news that the Government of Ukraine and the IMF have reached an agreement that will allow the IMF to provide Ukraine with $17.5 billion in financial assistance in support of economic reforms. This agreement will enable Ukraine to continue implementing the reforms it needs to build a stronger, more prosperous, democratic future for the people of Ukraine.

"We will judge the favor of Russia and the separatists by their actions, not words," the statement reads.

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