Debaltseve salient: operational environment and situation analysis as of 11:00 p.m. Feb. 10 by Yurii Butusov

карта ато

Fighting has continued throughout the day at M-103 highway in the area of Lohvynove.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Throughout the day, fighting has continued at M-103 highway in the area of Lohvynove. Unfortunately, an attempt to destroy the enemy that had broken through failed. Russian troops are frantically strengthening their positions in the area of Lohvynove, and managed to deploy defenses.

"Debaltseve bridgehead is still in cul-de-sac. This means that unimpeded supply of our troops is difficult. And provided further redeployment of the reserves, the enemy is sure to attempt to completely block the cul-de-sac in the near future.

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"M-103 highway has been cut off for two days now. And the enemy is deploying additional forces to hold Lohvynove while trying to threaten Svitlodarsk. We are quite capable of deblocking the entrapment at Lohvynove. There is no large concentration of Russian troops there, but they receive reinforcements, and destroying the enemy becomes more and more difficult by the hour.

"The situation is escalating, and there are no positive changes in this area.

"The enemy, exhausted by the fighting, has almost completely stopped attacks at other parts of the front, and pulled its main forces and reserves to Debaltseve, baring other sections of the front. Therefore dislodging the enemy from Lohvynove without concentration of our troops is not possible. You cannot be strong everywhere - you need a maneuver with forces and means.

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"It should be noted that Ukrainian units are confidently holding their positions at the entire perimeter of the bridgehead and fight off all attacks. However, severed communications have already started to cause problems - the activity of our artillery in the area of Debaltseve has declined sharply and several wounded soldiers are being treated in the city, being unable to be taken to Artemivsk.

"But Ukrainian command shows inexplicable deliberation. The attacks are carried out by small units. They are not coordinated and do not have the necessary interaction. These weak attacks make us lose good soldiers without achieving a result.

"The Joint Staff said that military engagement is under way, although the situation requires urgent destruction of the enemy's vanguard.

"The threatening situation requires much more competent and decisive actions, and focusing well-motivated combat units on both sides of Lohvynove.

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"The reason is obvious slowness - the handling of the Debaltseve deblocking was undertaken personally by Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko. This military commander once again does not have a good grasp of the situation and indulges in wishful thinking and soothing the Commander-in-Chief instead of conducting sober critical analysis and compiling an action plan.

"Russian troops using MLRS Smerch shelled ATO headquarters and residential areas in Kramatorsk killing civilians. This is an act of intimidation and true terrorism.

"I don't think that the peace talks will make Putin deblock our troops. The crisis at the Debaltseve salient must be solved at the point of the sword," Butusov wrote.

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