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 Lieutenant Lamaka, who reported about air strike on the 40th Battalion, confirms his information and will write a statement


1st company of the 40th Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces troop executive, Senior Lieutenant Lamaka states that he will immediately report on the Russian aviation air strike over the Ukrainian positions witnessed by numerous Ukrainian servicemen as soon as the enemy ceases shelling.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his page on Facebook.

According to Butusov, he contacted Senior Lieutenant Lamaka, who earlier called to Censor.NET editors office and reported that the Russian Air Force strike-fighters have attacked the Ukrainian troops' positions.

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"Groups of warplanes, which all our servicemen have observed over Novohryhorivka village situated near Debaltseve, have committed several flights above us. We were under heavy shelling since morning and our strong points were hit by a series of strikes with massive ordnance during the ground-support fighters' flights. Being at our positions, we have recognized these strikes as bombing attacks. I am going to make the report on the incident, witnessed by all our personnel, and send it with due ceremony as soon as the hostile shelling is ceased. The command reestablished communication with our detachment, which was not available for five days, immediately after I had informed Censor.NET. We have received efficient artillery support for the first time in five days, and are currently conducting fire adjustment on enemy firing points, directly interacting with the artillery. I invite everyone who believes that we have invented the story about the air strike to our strong points near Debaltseve - you may check it and perform an examination. I guarantee an unforgettable experience. We have been fighting for three weeks in a row and are exposed to daily shelling. Certainly I was called and said that I did not have to call anywhere, but for me the security of personnel is of top priority, and I am responsible for my guys to perform tasks with minimal losses," Butusov cited the words of the 1st company of the 40th Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces troop executive, Senior Lieutenant Lamaka.

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