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 Butusov: Operational environment at Debaltseve salient as of Feb. 9

There is no continuous front line at the Debaltseve salient.

This was stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Operational situation as of 12:00 p.m., Feb. 9.

"Enemy tentacles came out on the M-103 highway near Lohvynove. After the capture of Vuhlehirsk, the enemy was able to capture the strategically important village of Kalynivka. Sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy came out onto the highway numerous times and tried to cut the lifeline route, so this is not the first case. But today a vanguard of the enemy reinforced with at least one tank entered Lohvynove. If the measures to open the highway are not taken immediately and if the threat from Kalynivka is not properly blocked, the consequences can be very serious. This is reliable information from the field.

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"This is not a crisis yet; flanking maneuvers and raids happen in war. The real danger arises if the opponent is not immediately destroyed, and if he is able to build up its forces in the most dangerous place for us. As of now, the Russian troops sent only a small vanguard there. There is no continuous front line at the Debaltseve salient, and infiltration by small groups of the enemy to the rear of our troops has likely happened, and more than once. For this leakage not to turn into a breakthrough, a counterattack is needed - a prepared counterattack, with a single command, in cooperation with artillery and armored vehicles, not as disorganized as it was, alas, in Vuhlehirsk but as in Troitske and at elevation 307.9. However, it is necessary to respond to the situation immediately. Immediately. The Russian command concentrated at least two battalion task groups at Vuhlehirsk-Kalynivka, and it has the ability to build up strength in the area of Lohvynove.

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"Our troops have successfully counterattacked the enemy near Debaltseve several times, but, unfortunately, there were numerous examples of passive indecisiveness and non-flexible management. Now we must act competently and promptly. We have time and resources. But we must hurry.

"I have been informing specific officials as to the worsening of the situation in the area during the past five days. I passed on the information this time, too," Butusov wrote.

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