War with Russia is, regretfully, possible. The West will soon be left with no other option – Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is confident that the conflict in the Donbas will not only decide the fate of Ukraine, but also the fate of Russia and Europe.

Bildt also called for increased support to Ukraine in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

He noted that Putin's desire to continue the conflict in Ukraine will depend on how far the West will let him. The diplomat also called Russian president an opportunist noting that Putin is testing the West for weaknesses but he will react to tough opposition and that is why the West should help Ukraine, first of all financially.

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Regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the US, Bildt said that it would be best if the Russians on their own initiative stopped supporting the militants with arms and soldiers. He stated that if Moscow continues to do so, the West will soon have no other option but to help Ukraine with defensive armament.

Bildt stated that it would be dangerous, but the situation when Russians continue their aggression unopposed is even more dangerous.

The war between Russia and Western countries is unfortunately possible, the former minister said, adding that the western countries shall do everything possible to prevent it. According to him, the current situation is very dangerous with the contradictory nature of the conflict: it will decide not only the fate of Ukraine, but also the fate of Russia and Europe.

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The politician believes that If Russian aggression is stopped and sovereign and democratic Ukraine is preserves, it will also change Russia with time. If the Kremlin destabilizes Ukraine and turns it into a confrontation zone, than militarism and revisionism will strengthen in Russian politics, and in this case not only Ukraine will be subject to aggression, Bildt predicts.

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