Barroso recognizes there is war in Ukraine - the war with Russia, and this is the most difficult period in the life of the EU


Jose Manuel Barroso, who headed the European Commission for a decade, named the most difficult recent episodes of the EU history.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

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Barroso said that the crisis in Ukraine was the most difficult episode in geopolitical terms. He said that he was not talking just about the gas warfare but also about the current war, saying that he calls it what it is - the war with Russia, adding that this is a difficult period in the life of the EU.

According to him, the most difficult from the economic point of view was the financial crisis when many said that the euro was not viable as a currency.

Mr. Barroso said Oct. 2014 that he had promptly saved the countries of Eastern Europe from Russian revanchism.

He proposed to imagine for a moment that these countries have not yet acceded to the European Union. In such a case, he said, the EU would probably be talking not about Ukraine alone. Bulgaria and the Baltic countries would probably be talked over, Barroso said at his final press conference as head of the European Commission.

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