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 Terrorists’ leader Zakharchenko allowed depriving civilians of their apartments: "Those troubling waters shall linger out their lives"

Leader of the 'DPR' terrorists Alexandr Zakharchenko said the militants would confiscate apartments from faculty members who left the occupied territories.

He stated this at the meeting with "scientists and teachers of the 'DPR'", Censor.NET reports citing OstroV.


"Submit me with a memo concerning those who left. Let them go," he said.

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"But the people who left and muddy the waters ... They even cannot imagine how many efficient ways there are to fix things in people's minds. Imagine that you moved to Krasnoarmiisk or Vinnytsia but have real estate or business left here. How do you think, is our state capable to arrange that those who are yapping from there will linger out their lives?" the No.1 'DPR' terrorist wondered.

"We have soldiers, refugees, who need somewhere to live, there are decent professors who need residential space," he added.

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Zakharchenko also appealed to the self-proclaimed "head of the Donetsk administration" Igor Martynov: "Do they have the right, even according to the Ukrainian laws" to confiscate accommodations which does not belong to them for non-payment of public utilities?

"Mayor" Martynov gave the affirmative answer on that: "They certainly have the right."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n321281