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 Shortage of coal in Ukraine is a sabotage at the highest level: coal storages of Pivdennodonbaska 3 mine are full - journalist

The storages of Pivdennodonbaska 3 mine, which is located in the Donetsk region on the territory controlled by Ukraine, are currently full of coal, but the mine is allegedly unable to conclude a contract with the railroad for coal transportation being not a legal entity.

"This situation may well be sabotage "at the highest level" today, when Ukraine declares a state of emergency in the energy sector and purchases coal abroad," journalist Dmytro Hnap wrote on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"It looks like we are dealing with sabotage at the highest level. Please, have a look at the picture: it is Pivdennodonbaska 3 coal mine. My father took part in its construction. It is known that mines are built underground. What you see on the surface is a small part of the mine. The mine is located in our territory. Donetsk with its front line is 40 kilometers away. I spoke with the mine's Director General Ihor Byshovets today. There are 24 thousand tons of coal in the storage of the enterprise today. The storage is staffed to the gills. But the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry is not going to take it despite the fact that the railroad to it also passes through the Ukrainian territory. The coal is up for grabs," Hnap wrote.

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According to him, the problem is that the mine is unable to conclude a contract with the railroad for transportation of coal for it is not a legal entity.

"The mine was previously the part of the Donetsk coal and energy company (DUEK), located in Donetsk. But DUEK was closed down after the capture of Donetsk by the militants and Pivdennodonbaska 3 coal mine is up in the air. Four months passed since that time, but the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry somehow could manage neither to provide the status of a legal entity to the mine nor conclude a contract with the railroad for export of coal from the mine through the State Enterprise "Coal of Ukraine". According to Ihor Byshovets, the Energy Ministry officials just ignore the situation. They are waiting for instructions from their superiors. This is quite understandable. It is hard to "earn" using a simple chain of: State owned mine - SE Coal of Ukraine -TPP. But one can earn a lot of money using the next chain: the DPR militants - Cyprus offshore accounts of Rinat Akhmetov friends - TPP. And there will be enough money for everybody, including presidential minister and the prime minister," the journalist stressed.

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According to him, the Ukrainian officials do not need Ukrainian coal. "Pivdennodonbaska 3 coal mine was transferred into emergency operation mode on Dec. 12: the power supply was minimized and the coal mining was actually suspended. This is despite the fact that it can produce 1.5 million tons of coal per year. But instead there are news about the purchase of electricity in Russia and coal in Kazakhstan on the official Energy Ministry site. Yatseniuk also goes into hysterics about coal shortage and the beginning of a power cuts. Dear Mr. Poroshenko and Mr. Yatseniuk, you should give up these attempts to make money out of coal purchase and delivery chains. Otherwise, by golly, it would be you but not the power units who will be switched off," Hnap urges.

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