Ukrainians believe that Russia and Ukraine are at war, the Russians don’t - poll

Over 80% of Ukrainians believe that their country is at war with Russia. Only a third of the Russian respondents are of the same opinion (34%).

According to Censor.NET, these are the results of a representative DW-Trend survey, commissioned by Deutsche Welle and conducted by the Kyiv branch of the IFAK Institute for Public Opinion Research.

In the past 13 months since the previous DW-Trend poll, the Ukrainians noticeably cooled toward Russia. In November 2013, 40% of respondents assessed their country's relations with Russia as friendly, partner-like or neutral, but now this opinion is held by only 15%. 29% consider the relations with Russia strained and 56% - hostile.

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A particularly noteworthy change of sentiment is among the residents of traditionally pro-Russian eastern Ukraine. 81% of respondents described the relationship with the neighboring country as tense or hostile.

The situation is similar in Russia. 70% of respondents consider the relations between Russia and Ukraine tense or hostile. A year earlier, this opinion was expressed by only 40% of those polled.

The DW-Trend study of December 2014 in Russia and Ukraine polled 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 65 living in cities with populations over 50,000 people. IFAK failed to conduct a survey in the territories under the control of separatists, as well as in Crimea.

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