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 Ukraine ranks 126th in Transparency International ranking. VIDEO

Transparency International has released a ranking of Corruption Perception Indexes for 180 countries in 2019. Ukraine placed 126th in the list.

Censor.NET reports citing Transparency International.

The ranking is based on a 100-point scale. Based on peer reviews, the organization assigns a corruption perception index to each country - from 0 (maximum corruption) to 100 (no corruption).

The fewer points a country earns, the worse its place in the ranking will be. The first positions are occupied by the countries with the maximum score.

First positions are taken by the countries of the Western world, such as Denmark and New Zealand: they earned 87 points. 30th place belongs to Spain (62 points), 35th - Israel (60 points). Panama and Peru are ranked 101st in the Corruption Perception Rating (36 points each).

The last places were 179th and 180th, respectively, in South Sudan and Somalia (12 and 9 points, respectively).

Ukraine is in the second half of the ranking - among countries with high levels of corruption: it takes 126th place in the list (30 points). Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti, and Azerbaijan also found themselves at this level of perception of corruption.

Russia took 137th place, scoring 28 points out of 100.

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