Five 'Aidar' battalion soldiers tripped a mine near Shchastia: two killed, three severely wounded


Five 'Aidar' battalion soldiers tripped a mine near Shchastia in the night of Dec. 19. Two were killed as a result.

This was announced by the "Victory Sisters" fund volunteers, Censor.NET reports.

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According to the activists, an intelligence cell of five people fell into an ambush and tripped a mine while being on a combat mission. Two of the soldiers were killed, the other three severely wounded.

Both deceased are survived by their families, one of them is a father of two children.

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Volunteer Yurii Kasianov announced earlier that this group of 'Aidar' soldiers was harmed while patrolling local hospital. This information was later disproved by the head of 'Aidar's medical service.

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