Putin Changed His Tactics in Ukraine - Yatseniuk

Russian President Vladimir Putin changed tactics in Ukraine.

This was stated by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk in an interview with Le Figaro, Censor.NET reports.

"Now his weapon is to benefit from social movements, which should occur in Ukraine, to subdue the country to the Kremlin's dictatorship, his vision of a large sphere of influence and Russian world," he said. However, Yatseniuk believes that "the Russian leader will not succeed and Ukraine will survive as an independent nation."

"If tomorrow Putin withdrew his soldiers and FSB agents from the Ukrainian territory, if he had stopped interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine, the problem of the eastern regions would disappear," Yatseniuk said. He noted that Ukraine has fulfilled its part of the obligations under the Minsk Agreement, and urged Russia to do the same. "Although this Minsk Agreement was Putin's idea, he then made a 180 degree turn and refused to adhere to it," the Ukrainian prime minister said.

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"Putin does not cease to behave contradictory, since for him Ukraine is just a battlefield in the fight against the West," the politician said. "His strategic goal is to recreate the Soviet empire and the former sphere of influence that the USSR had."

According to Yatseniuk, the annexation of Crimea was only a stage of Putin's global plan to seize Ukraine, as well as a means to show to the Russian public and to the West that he is a powerful politician. "Putin is in a desperate pursuit of new conquests, to demonstrate his power both within the country and abroad," the Ukrainian prime minister said. "The problem is that he is not Superman." According to the politician, Putin knows that he fell into the trap of Russian nationalism, to the creation of which he himself contributed. "He wants to get out of it, but he does not know how," Yatseniuk said.

"Putin does not need independent states in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, because he knows that these states will then depend on the Russian money," the prime minister noted. "He does not want to incur these costs. He just wants to leave these areas in the form of some kind of gray zone, where he could easily increase tension when it benefits him."

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Yatseniuk insists that to solve the problem of eastern Ukraine there should be no Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian territory. "It is not difficult for us to offer greater decentralization of our eastern areas, we passed a law in this respect, I went there to offer it to them. I was not heard, because my voice was drowned out by the Russian artillery."

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