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 National Anti-Corruption Bureau detain close associate of SBI head for bribery

National Anti-Corruption Bureau has detained a close associate of the head of State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Roman Truba, former head of Chief Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Ihor Shcherbyna in suspicion of bribe solicitation in the amount of 150,000 dollars in exchange for closing the SBI case.

Censor.NET reports citing NABU press service.

As it was reported, Ihor Shcherbyna tried to "sell" the closing of the SBI case for 150,000 dollars and received the first part of the sum.

It is noted that Shcherbyna presented himself as a head of care service of the SBI head, but it is not true. He gave the cards with mention of this position.

At the moment, NABU is searching premises of Ihor Shcherbyna.

At the same time, the involvement of Roman Truba is also being investigated.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that detention of Ihor Shcherbyna was another argument for the reset of the leadership of the State Bureau of Investigation.

"This organization was created as an independent and objective one. It will be a pity if these good intentions go to waste," Zelenskyi wrote on Facebook.

Zelenskyi urged the MPs to support "important amendments and bill #2116 on the improvement of the work of the SBI as a whole."

According to Novoe Vremia agency, a man with surname Shevchenko could be an accomplice of Shcherbyna. They were allegedly detained when receiving a half of the sum.

Ihor Shcherbyna is a former head of Chief Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2014-2015. Truba was his deputy.

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