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 Truba discussed with head of SBI patronage service case against Kolomoyskyi's interests

The management of the SBI could counteract the investigation into Kolomoyskyi’s "oil interests".

Censor.NET reports citing "Trubu prorvalo"  Telegram channel. 

This follows from the recording of a conversation between two people with voices like that of the director of the GBR Roman Truba and the head of his patronage service, Oleksandr Udovichenko

According to the channel, on July 1, 2019, a conversation took place between the head of the GBR Roman Truba and the head of the patronage service of the GBR, Oleskandr Udovichenko.

"Udovychenko offers Truba to take the case from the investigator because they went with searches against Kolomoyskyi’s oil interests: "What the hell are you doing there? Tell these f*ggots that they will fire him! You don’t even understand what you’ve got into!". Udovychenko shows Truba a video from channel 1+1 and says that "Andrei Blizhaishyi" whom Kolomoyskyi personally called, asked the audience not to get into this business", the audio recording says.

"Quickly, f*ck, close this case. I’ll send him (Bohdan) a decision. Then I’ll say that it’s Roman who decided everything. And Kolomoyskyi will also owe it to Roman," a replica from the conversation is quoted on the channel.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3163046