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 United States Calls on All Countries to Cease Contacts with Russia

The US calls on all countries not to support the previous business relations with Russia.

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki reported at a briefing in Washington. Her speech is published on the official website of the US Department of State, Censor.NET writes.

Psaki made the corresponding statement in connection to the visit of the Russian official delegation to India and signing of a number of contracts there. She noted that the US if not calling for new sanctions against Moscow, Deutsche Welle informs.

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Psaki stressed that the US is unhappy over India doing "business as usual" with Russia, but it will have no effect on US President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to India which remains an "important partner."

The Indian visit of the Russian delegation, headed by President Vladimir Putin, took place on Dec. 10-11. Following the meetings, 25 bilateral documents were signed.

In articular, India and Russia have signed agreements in oil exploration, infrastructure, defence and nuclear energy, including construction of 12 Russian-built nuclear units in India over the next two decades. Rosneft has signed a contract to supply ten million tons of oil per year to India for ten years. In addition, Indian experts will participate in Russian projects for the development of the Arctic shelf.

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