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 Azov Regiment Kills Sniper Team and Blows Up Enemy SUV But Loses Two of Its Men

Tonight as part of the cease-fire in the Donbas, a "friendly meeting" of the fighters the Azov National Guard Regiment with sabotage and reconnaissance group of the terrorists took place in Pavlopil, which is located 25 km from Mariupol.

As a result of the "peace talks" the fighters of the Azov Regiment destroyed a terrorist sniper team. This was stated by People's Front MP Anton Herashchenko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The terrorists can pick up the bodies by contacting Azov base in Mariupol. Also, an SUV with the terrorists blew up on a land mine laid by Azov. Since the charge was meant to blow up a tank, then most likely, there was no one left alive. Putin's terrorists' attempt to capture Pavlopil and gain control of the Pavlopil dam reservoir failed, " Herashchenko wrote.

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According to the MP, unfortunately, as a result of the "truce" two of our heroes from Azov Regiment died that night in Pavlopil. We also have two seriously injured and one slightly injured.

"Currently we together with the National Guard Chief of Staff Gen. Kryvenko are resolving the issue of emergency evacuation of the seriously wounded to Kyiv by medical aviation for eye surgery, since there is a risk of them losing vision. The state must do everything in order to heal and rehabilitate all those who gave their health for freedom and independence of Ukraine! The state shall and will do everything so that the family of fallen heroes do not feel abandoned and unneeded," he said.

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"There can be no truce with the terrorists and there won't be. Only a comprehensive strengthening of the Army, the National Guard, security services and law enforcement can guarantee the independence and integrity of Ukraine,"Herashchenko concluded.

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