Poroshenko Pleads to Putin: Please Release the Hostages. Please Withdraw Your Troops From my Territory. Please Close the Border

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A day after a ceasefire was held on the frontline in eastern Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko has urged Russia to withdraw its troops. His visit to Australia also saw talks over potential uranium and coal supplies.

During a visit to Australia on Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko pleaded with Russia to withdraw its troops from his country and close to the Ukraine-Russia border, Censor.NET reports citing DW.

"Please stop the fire. Please release the hostages. Please withdraw your troops from my territory," Poroshenko said in a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

"Please close the border. And I promise if you close the border, within one, two, three weeks, we have peace and stability in Ukraine. Very simple," he added.

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"I would like to explain that Ukraine is fighting not only for independence and territorial integrity. We are fighting for freedom, democracy and peace," the president stressed.

According to him, "the whole civilized world, the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan - the whole world stands together with Ukraine."

Energy alternatives

During his visit to Australia, Poroschenko also held talks with Abbot over the supply of coal and uranium, as he looks to ease Ukraine's reliance on Russia for gas.

This week Ukraine received its first Russian natural gas shipments since a politically charged price dispute saw Moscow cut off supplies to Ukraine in June.

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"We discussed today the possibility of cooperation in the sphere of nuclear energy," Poroschenko told reporters. "There is the possibility for Ukraine to buy Australian uranium for our nuclear power stations."
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