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 "If You Eat Army Food for Half a Year Your Teeth Will Fall Out," - Advisor to the President

The MREs provided to the military in the ATO area do not contain essential vitamins and do not meet the established standards.

It was stated by Head of Wings of the Phoenix volunteer group, adviser to the president Yurii Biriukov in an interview to Liga, Censor.NET reports.

"When the current rations were made, no one even thought about vitamins. If you eat what the army feed the soldiers for half a year your teeth start falling out. Actually fall out. We now have massive dental diseases, because the soldiers are fed without vitamins, monotonous food, without compliance with any standards and so on," he said.

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"Moreover, we have the conclusion of the Institute that the current MREs are categorically forbidden to eat for more than three days in a row," he added.

At the same time, according to Biriukov, sometimes the soldiers have to eat only these rations for weeks in a row, especially in the Donetsk airport.

He said that he already reported on the situation to the president and the latter gave instructions to take care of it and develop a new ration.

"A Working Group is finalizing all the issues regarding the rations. On Monday, the final report will be submitted to the president. On the basis of this report a decree will be issued to the Cabinet of Ministers," he said.

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According to Biriukov, he provides weekly reports to the president on the status of things in the ATO area.

"Once a month he sets more global challenges that need to be dealt with within a month. My job is to report to him about the actual state of affairs in the army. Actual. That is, if a soldier is being fed shit, I have no trouble to play it out for him and show photos of what kind of shit it is," the volunteer said.

He added that it is necessary to calculate the best option and compromise between the desire for tasty food for the soldiers and the ability to allocate the money.

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