Energy Ministry Urgently Looking for Coal: Kyiv May Freeze


The Ministry of Energy and Coal is holding an emergency meeting with the participation of new Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn trying to find a way out of the catastrophic situation with the lack of coal at the thermal power plants.

This is stated by sources of Ukrainska Pravda in the ministry, Censor.NET reports.

The meeting was attended by head of DTEK (largest private energy company owned by Rinat Akhmetov - ed.) Maksym Tymchenko and former adviser to Eduard Stavytskyi (Yanukovych's Energy Minister - ed.) Serhii Kuziara.

According to the publication, the director of one of the thermal power plants says that the situation is catastrophic.

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The editor had an emotional conversation with the source: "This morning I received a call from the director of one of TPPs," he said. "And he was yelling so loud that I almost went deaf. His speech was very emotional with a lot cursing aimed at the leadership of the country. I knew that everything was bad with coal, but I had no idea of how bad!!! I am not trying to scare anybody, but if we do not start the oil-gas units soon, then we will freeze and Kyiv will be the first. There is no coal at the plants, and because of the stupidity of the country's leaders we will not manage to have it delivered in a week."

According to him, for example, the amount of coal at the TPP warehouses of the state-owned "Tsentrenerho" decreased to very low numbers since July: July - 969,000 tons; August - 691,000 tons; September - 205,000 tons; October - 98,000 tons; November - 58,000 tons.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n315018