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 US Predicts Drop in Oil Prices Below $40 - Media


Some players in the U.S. oil derivatives market stake on the extreme scenario - a fall in prices below $40 per barrel, according to CME.

Censor.NET reports citing NR2.

The U.S. WTI crude oil price is currently just below $67 per barrel. The last time it cost $40 was in early 2009. Recall that the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin said this morning that oil quotations will change after Russian President Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly. The CEO told the reporters when asked about the oil prices forecast in the first quarter of next year, that he was not ready to comment on the situation with oil prices before the end of the message.

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"We should wait and see the speculators' reaction to the president's message," he said. It is not the first time when the figure of $40 per barrel appears in the forecasts of the analysts and participants in the oil industry. It was mentioned Wednesday by Supermajor ExxonMobil head Rex Tillerson, but in his interview with CNBC he assured that the company will survive even such prices.

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