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 Most of 'Nebesna Sotnia' Victims Were Killed with Pump Shotguns 'Fort-500' of Special Forces - Journalist

стрельба беркут грушевского

More than 10 of those killed on Maidan fell victims to unidentified guns - the bullets went through and through and haven't been found.

This was announced by Yurii Butusov, the editor in chief of Censor.NET, on his Facebook page.

"According to Censor.NET sources, none of the victims of 'Nebesna Sotnia' (the Heavenly Company, name referring to about one hundred peaceful protesters killed on Maidan in February 2014 by the special forces of Ukraine - ed.) was killed by an identified bullet from a sniper rifle. 25 people were killed from Kalashnikov machine guns of 7.62 mm bore. The bullets were found and identified. One person was killed from Makarov gun, 9 mm bore. However, from all the bullets discovered in the bodies and buildings, none of the sniper bullets was identified. The truth is that many bullets were taken from Maidan as souvenirs. The bullets found near metro station Khreshchatyk, where people hid and were shoot at, were from Kalashnikovs. Bullets in 'Ukraina' hotel were from Kalashnikovs.

"On the other hand, more than 10 people were killed from unidentified weapons - the bullets went through and through and haven't been found. Those might be victims of sniper rifles. Thus the issue is not solved.

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"Most of 'Nebesna Sotnia' victims were killed with pump shotguns 'Fort-500' of special forces 'Berkut', and with unidentified shot-guns. The shoots were made from close distance. ...

"Machine-guns from which people were killed on Maidan were not discovered. One of the killers who used a machine gun shot dead 11 people on Instytutska street. Shotgun pellet and canister could not be identified in a smooth-bore weapon. However, some of the pump guns that were withdrawn from the militia contained remains of lead, which means that the shooters used prohibited powder and shot.

"Legal inquiry has identified one of the killers - a Berkut company commander Sadovnyk. However, judge Volkova released Sadovnyk on bail without limiting his movement across Ukraine, which he eventually used and escaped justice. Sadovnyk was the highest official of Internal Ministry who was arrested for killing people on Maidan.

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ЄAccording to Censor.NET, Kyiv's prosecutor office announced Volkova criminal suspect in aiding Sadovnyk, and the proceeding should be initiated soon," Butusov wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n314965