Fierce Fighting in Grozny: Numerous Bodies of Russian Punitive Forces Delivered to City Hospital. Armored Vehicles Destroyed by Freedom Fighters


According to preliminary information on the night of Dec. 4, the Publishing House was attacked in Grozny. The locals say there is fierce firefight under way.

It is reported by Censor.NET citing Kavkazcenter.

According to early reports, a group of Mujahideen killed several Kadyrov's militants, destroyed a police car, and entrenched in the Publishing House. According to sources in the 9th city hospital, a lot of dead and wounded Kadyrov's men were delivered there. In turn, the Russian media says that five members of punitive forces (police - ed.) were killed and several wounded.

In a statement, the Mujahideen say that during the fighting in Dzhokhar (Grozny - ed.) numerous cars and military equipment of the murtads (apostates) and infidels were destroyed, as well as a large number of Kadyrov's militants. Some Russian sources also report on the destroyed armored vehicles.

The fierce battle continues. The freedom fighters conduct direct fire, as well as use heavy machine guns. Kadyrov's men are panic-striken.

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Unlike apostates, the locals behave calmly, even under fire.

According to local residents, gangs of Kafirs and murtads are moving towards the shoot-out. Several videos show the movement of armored vehicles. Sources say that a group of Mujahideen came into the city in three cars from Shalazhi.

There are rumors among the residents about other groups of Mujahideen operating in the city. One of the apostates even called on the locals to keep their doors closed since there are "a lot of fighters" in the city.

Meanwhile, Kadyrov (Putin's appointed president of Chechnya - ed.) wrote on his Instagram that "everything is calm in the city..."

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