No One to Be Blamed in Mass Russian Soldiers’ Deaths This Summer - Russian Investigative Committee

армия похороны вдв рф десант псков

The Main Military Investigative Department of the Russian Federation Investigative Committee issued no reports indicating the constituent element of offence in the mass deaths of the Russian servicemen this summer.

Chief Military Prosecutor's Office stated that it established and verified the circumstances of their deaths, Censor.NET reports citing Vedomosti. 'Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg' NGO received official answers from two agencies.

In its request, the organization asked to verify the reports of the media about the death of 29 servicemen, and launch investigation if the information is confirmed.

Earlier, 'Soldiers' Mothers' received a reply from the Ministry of Defense, which has not explained circumstances of the servicemen deaths, referring to medical secrecy. The agencies are currently in a difficult situation being obliged to deny the evident, Soldiers' Mothers chairperson Ella Poliakova says.

According to her, there is no hope that the investigation will be started because citizens keep silent: the organization's direct request on the death is one thing and the appeal from mother of soldier Anton Tumanov is totally another.

Soldiers' Mothers Press Secretary Alexander Peredruk considers these answers to be formal replies: "If no one is to blame for the mass deaths of soldiers, then nobody will take responsibility."

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The investigation ended but it is unclear from these responses whether a decision to open a criminal proceeding was made, Pskov Deputy Lev Shlosberg said: "Such number of soldiers killed in Russia this summer without following criminal proceedings opening and without constituent element of offence found can only happen in action." The inquiry in the Army is conducted by the military police and commanders. The interrogation materials are transferred to the Russian Federation Investigative Committee, coordinator of the 'Citizen and the Army' movement Sergei Krivenko says. If the Main Military Investigative Department says that there were no reports of death, then, either no constituent element of offence was established during the investigation, which is completely impossible taking in consideration the mass death of soldiers, or the inquiry was not conducted properly.

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However, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office writes that the inquiry was conducted, therefore the responses contradict each other, Krivenko said: "If 29 people were killed and the prosecutor's office recognizes this fact, it means that there are those who gave the order." At the same time, the human rights defender recalls that the Russian Federation Investigative Committee has recently filed a case against citizen of Russia Roman Zheleznov, who fought on the side of Ukraine, but any insurgent was not filed a suit against. Previously, when human rights activists sent requests concerning death of soldiers, he received replies that the investigation had been carried out and the decision to initiate a criminal case was made, Krivenko says.

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At the same time only relatives of the deceased may grieve the decision on refusal to initiate criminal proceeding - the Constitutional Court ruled in November that the investigation should not hide the circumstances of the citizen's death from one's relatives.

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