Over 300 Russian Soldiers Killed in Two Days in Donbas - Russian Human Rights Activists

кладбище груз-200

The Russian Army suffered heavy losses in the Donbas during the first two days of December.

Human rights organization "Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia" activists report, Censor.NET informs citing Liga.

This information was provided by the human rights organization "Cargo -200 from Ukraine to Russia," which tracks the number of the Russian Federation soldiers deceased in Ukraine. 'Cargo-200' expression refers to bodies of soldiers killed at the war and sent back to their homes in coffins. 'Cargo-300' means wounded soldiers.

Also, according to the organization, about 200 Russian military were killed while storming the airport on Nov. 30.The human rights activists state that 4,672 Russian soldiers were killed and 970 were injured altogether during the conflict in the Donbas. Another 2,560 people are considered missing in action.

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The human rights activists submit detailed statistics of losses among the Russian servicemen in the first days of winter.

Dec. 2:

Debaltseve: 32nd Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Central Military Command (permanent place of deployment is in Novosibirsk region of the Russian Federation) were attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments. Two soldiers were killed (cargo-200) and 11 injured (cargo-300).

The Donetsk airport: Total losses of the detachments engaged in clashes are: cargo-200 - 299 people cargo-300 - 190 people (96 of them severely wounded).

Dec. 1:

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Avdiivka-Opytne: the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed artillery and missile strike on positions of the 36th Motorized Rifle Brigade detachments and the 37th Motorized Rifle Brigade composite battalion detachments (both from Buriatia). There were 16 killed and 22 wounded military as a result.

Horlivka: the 67th Air Defense Artillery Brigade of the Southern Military Command accomplishing combat task was covered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine responsive fire, which killed 22 soldiers and wounded 20.

Mykolaivka, Chermalyk: 288th Artillery Brigade of the Western Military Command was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The casualties are: cargo-200 - one person, cargo-300 - six people, and one more is missing in action.

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