Unknown Men Attacked Russian Army Composite Task Group near Debaltseve. Casualties Incurred- Tymchuk

армия российская

The enemy is trying to increase its force near Debaltseve.

Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page citing the Information Resistance group situation report, Censor.NET informs.

"The composite task group from one of the motorized infantry formations of the Russian Federation Army advancing to the combat task area was shelled and attacked from the ambush by an unidentified detachment near the city of Debaltseve. There are dead and injured. Two units of military equipment were destroyed," he wrote.

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In addition, according to Tymchuk, the enemy is increasing its force near Debaltseve by moving additional weapons and military equipment to the area through the city of Krasnyi Luch.

"At least two supply convoys with towed artillery systems (up to 12 units of artillery totally) were registered," he added.

Tymchuk also stated that the enemy transports armored vehicles by lots (3-4 units of equipment including tanks at a time) into the territory near Stanytsia Luhanska.

"The armor is redeployed by bounce and with observing camouflage discipline from the border with the Russian Federation under the cover of artillery shelling of the Ukrainian troops' positions," he wrote.

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According to his information, one of the sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy was discovered and fired at by the Ukrainian troops' outpost during the exit from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian Army near the city of Novoazovsk.

"As a result, this subversive and reconnaissance group entered their own minefield obstacle trying to break out into the militants' controlled territory. There are killed and wounded," Tymchuk said

In general, the terrorists have carried out 52 attacks on the ATO forces positions over the past day using artillery and mortars, according to the ATO press center.

According to the headquarters, the measures to counter subversive groups and enemy UAVs at the Mariupol direction were strengthened.

"The ATO forces artillery committed 25 fire strikes to suppress the bandits' firing points. We emphasize that the fire is opened only in case when there are no civilians in the target area," the headquarters said.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n314426