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 "Gazprom" Shortened Gas Export to Europe in Order to Stop Reverse to Ukraine

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In November 2014, export of gas from Russia to far-abroad countries decreased by 26%. As calculated by the Russian media, only 10.5 million cubic meters of gas were sent by "Gazprom."

The continuous decrease in Russian gas deliveries are related to political factors, Censor.NET reports citing Russian news agency "Interfax."

Keeping its foreign clients on the minimal level of deliveries allowed by contract, "Gazprom" is trying to stop the reverse supply of the European gas to Ukraine.

In the meantime, a week ago, Ukraine once again set the record of daily imports through Slovakia having received 31,653,000 cubic meters of gas. According to "Ukrtranshaz", starting from Nov. 18, Kyiv receives at least 31 million cubic meters of gas per day from Slovakia. At the same time the countries have begun to expand the technical capabilities of the reverse. The assembly of the first part of the new cross-border gas measuring unit (GMU) of Budince has started on the territory of Slovakia, through which GMU the gas will be imported from Europe to Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of "Ukrtarnshaz."

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In September 2014, Ukraine imported about 779 million cubic meters of natural gas from Slovakia, and 809.3 million cubic meters of gas in October. From Nov. 1 through Nov. 18, Ukraine received 548.7 million cubic meters of gas from Slovakia. At the same time, even during the test of natural gas supplies from Slovakia to Ukraine, from Aug. 16 through Sept. 1, Ukraine received more than 135 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that he had received clear assurance of compliance with the reverse by Slovakia. "We received clear assurances that the issues of the reverse and supplies of the European gas to Ukraine would be fulfilled by the Slovak partners ... We are grateful to Slovakia for delivering the reverse gas supplies to Ukraine in hard times," - Poroshenko said earlier.

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The news agency noted that the cut in export by Russia had started right after Slovakia launched the reverse to Ukraine. Given this, "Gazprom" went to minimal supplies for not only those European countries who potentially could reverse the gas to Ukraine, but also for Finland and Turkey, which do not have gas pipelines to Ukraine.

Given the low temperatures, European countries will have to spend more gas from underground reserves. However, the weather has been favorable - no below zero temperatures so far in Europe.

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