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 Poroshenko: Only Powerful, Professional, and Patriotic Army Can Stop the Donbas Tragedy

The president of Ukraine held a meeting with NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Commander of the U.S. Europe Command General Philip Breedlove.

Censor.NET reports citing the president's press service.

"Your visit to Ukraine is a landmark event which clearly demonstrates that the US and NATO are with us in this arduous period," the president said.

The Head of State expressed gratefulness to General Breedlove for the U.S. support and assistance to Ukraine.

The president emphasized Ukraine had managed to build a truly new army with powerful morale and patriotism in seven months. "And it is extremely important that the army enjoys great support from the Ukrainian people," he said.

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The Head of State noted the Ukrainian army had carried out several successful military operations. Now it requires intensified cooperation with the U.S. and NATO militaries in the experience of sharing and upgrading military trainings, as stated by the president.

Petro Poroshenko is grateful to the United States for the military assistance. He underlined the importance of developing bilateral cooperation in the defence sphere, which will allow not only reinforcing the Ukrainian army, but also saving the lives of the Ukrainian servicemen.

General Breedlove thanked President Poroshenko for the meeting and expressed admiration for the courage of the Ukrainian servicemen. He is content with the increasing level of cooperation between the Ukrainian and American militaries.

The Ukrainian President praised the work of the Ukrainian-American Joint Defence Committee, which implements military reform in Ukraine on a bilateral basis. It will allow significant reinforcement of the Ukrainian army this year.

The president emphasized one could stop the Donbas tragedy solely with a "powerful, professional, reliable, and patriotic army". Then, it will be much easier for the Ukrainian political leaders and diplomats to find an opportunity to resolve the situation.

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General Breedlove expressed support to the people of Ukraine and condolences to the families of the fallen Ukrainian warriors in the Donbas.

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