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 Ex-Chief of ATO Staff Arrested on Suspicion of Involvement in Deaths of 49 Paratroopers

генштаб назаров

Pechersk district court ruled to detain the General for 2 months and set bail of 365,000 hryvnia. First deputy head of the anti-terrorist operation, deputy chief of the General Staff Viktor Nazarov is suspected of negligence that resulted in the crash of IL-76 over the Luhansk airfield.

The corresponding decision was announced by Judge Viacheslav Pidpalyi, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainian News.

The court found the prosecutor's suspicion regarding Nazarov substantiated. The court also found it necessary to arrest the suspect due to the possibility of his going into hiding from the investigation and destroying evidence. During the session, Nazarov denied his involvement in the crash of IL-76 and claimed that the information of the Security Service of Ukraine on the militants' readiness to shoot down the plane arrived to the ATO headquarters too late.

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The defendant's lawyers argued that the suspect cannot be held in custody for health reasons since Nazarov had been diagnosed with eye cataract.

The state prosecution stated that Nazarov showed negligent attitude to the military service, which resulted in grave consequences, namely the death of 49 people and destruction of property in the amount of 2.8 million hryvnia.

On Nov. 18 the Military Prosecutor's Office informed Nazarov on suspicion of negligent attitude to the military service in connection with the IL-76 crash in June. The prosecutor's office claims that the General did not take into account the information about the threat from the SBU regarding the threat of aircraft downing and permitting the special operation for the delivery of a military company to the Luhansk airport.

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On Jun. 14 the separatists downed military transport aircraft Il-76 over the Luhansk airport killing 49 people.

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