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 Ukrainian Artillery Destroyed Several Terrorists’ Mortar Detachments. Militants Left Their Dead in Nearest Forest Belt - InfoResist


The terrorists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions continue shelling the Ukrainian troops’ position and receiving military aid from Russia.

Information Resistance group coordinator Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

The ATO forces positions were shelled by the Russian-terrorist troops about forty times over the past 24 hours. 18 attacks were registered at the Donetsk direction, ten assaults at the Debaltseve and the same quantity - at the Luhansk directions.

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The tensest situation remained near the Donetsk airport as well as the villages and cities of Avdiivka, Debaltseve, Nikishyne, Ridkodub, and Shchastia.

"Several militants' mortar detachments were destroyed near Faschivka by the Ukrainian artillery response fire. The terrorists abandoned the dead militants in the nearest forest belt. The wounded terrorists were taken to Alchevsk and Krasnyi Lyman," he wrote.

The terrorists are concentrating their forces near Dokuchaievsk and Mykolaivka as of Friday morning.

"The Russian-terrorist troops have deployed new artillery group near the city of Dokuchaievsk, which registers with the fire both the Ukrainian troops' positions and city's residential neighborhoods," he wrote.

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Meanwhile, Russia continues to supply terrorists in Donbas with military equipment, Tymchuk states.

"The convoy of 3 tanks entered Ukraine tonight from the direction of Gukovo village (Russian Federation). Five non-operating armored vehicles were towed in the opposite direction," he wrote.

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