U.S. Administration is Considering Different Options of Military Support of Ukraine - White House Official

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The United States Administration keeps in sight various options of military support of Ukraine to provide it the opportunity "to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity."

A Senior White House official on condition of anonymity during a teleconference commented on the major issues of Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"We did not remove any options from the agenda regarding the (military - Ed.) support. And we certainly believe that the Ukrainians have every right to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity," the representative of the administration said, answering the question about the criticism of the White House in the U.S. Congress for failing to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine.

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An official recalled that the aid worth of more than $ 100 million has already been provided, and at the same time noted: "We continue to consider other options to further support the Ukrainians, because we are convinced that they have the right to self-defense."

An administration official also stressed that Washington does not believe that the Minsk agreements are dead. However, there are significant concerns about the repeated violations of the agreements on the part of the Russians and their henchmen, according to him.

In addition, he noted that both the US and Europe recognize the importance of finding ways to increase economic aid to Ukraine, taking in consideration its macroeconomic problems.

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