Revolts Against Occupiers Burst in DPR and LPR: "Get out of City! Get Lost to Where You Came from!"


The pro-Ukrainian meeting attended by approximately two thousand people took place in Sverdlovsk city of the Luhansk region Nov. 17.

The spontaneous rally was held near Sverdlovsk city council. The protest action was attended by about 2,000 people, Censor.NET reports citing informator.lg.

The protesters poured yellow and blue paint on the gate of the recruiting office, which houses one of the terrorists' commandant offices and also stoned the windows in the town's House of Culture which is also seized by the militants.

The activists chanted anti-militants slogan: "Get out of city! Get lost to where you came from!" Some daredevil also wrote "Sverdlovsk - is Ukraine!" near the city council.

Russian 'Cossacks' tried to 'settle' the situation but they were stopped by the Sverdlovsk militants who suddenly defected to the side of the locals.

The protesters said they would gather at the city council every day.

The occupying forces conduct searches in the homes of activists after the action.

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Local female residents of Yenakieve (the Donetsk region) came to the city administration building to demand payments of their social benefits for children on the same day.

Mothers with many children and single mothers came with their children to the so called 'mayor' of Yenakieve and demanded the payment of benefits, Novoie Vremia reports.

The women, who live on terrorists-controlled territories, claimed that despite being listed for the benefits, they never received any payments. The incumbent 'mayor', who some of the women saw for the first time, said they had no funds, and promised to go to Donetsk to negotiate about the payments.

The new 'mayor' also promised the women to settle the issue by Friday.

According to another 'official' from the Yenakieve city hall, the DPR terrorists received another humanitarian convoy with money. "You will receive the payments," he assured the mothers.

In order to calm the riot down, the 'authorities' distributed 100 humanitarian sets of food among the women.

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In the meantime, economist Andrii Novak reported on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel that there are popular uprisings being ripe on the territories controlled by the terrorists because of the economic disaster in the region.

"The separatists are already starting to face popular revolts and uprisings, because the people there do not have the money for essentials. Nobody likes when someone comes to the entrepreneurs' outlets and take everything for free," Novak said.

The expert expressed confidence that this situation will emerge into the internal struggle in the near future and it has already begun in some places.

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The economist said that if the DPR and LPR will not arrange elementary economic life soon, the result of this will help the Ukrainian government and our troops to deal with the militants and Russian forces.

The locals held a rally in occupied Anthracite demanding to establish life in the city Sept. 22.

Although 200 residents of the Rovenky city rioted Sept. 27 against the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) - the pro-Russian terrorist organization.

The terrorists threw grenades to the homes of local residents who protested against the LPR in Sverdlovsk Oct. 5

The militants broke up a rally of disgruntled residents firing from assault rifles Oct. 22 in Brianka in the Luhansk region.

Several dozen of Makiivka (the Donetsk region) residents blocked the road near the city council building in protest against the actions of the DPR terrorist organization on the distribution of free products Nov. 3.

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