Six Ukrainian Soldiers Killed Over Past 24 Hours, 23 Terrorists Destroyed - ATO Press Center


39 firings, two assaults, and one ambush were carried out by the terrorists over the past day, disrupting the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing ATO press center.

"The most difficult situation is at the Bakhmutka road. The terrorists shelled our detachments near Krymske, Shchastia, and Triohizbenka with Grad MLRSes multiple times at night," the message reads.

According to the headquarters, a police patrol was ambushed near Makarovo village: "Due to sharp attack with grenade launchers, three police officers were killed and five wounded."

It is also noted that the previous evening, Ukrainian checkpoint near Chernenko village was shelled from small arms. A fighting was conducted near Chornukhyne for an hour: the terrorists' attack was repelled with no casualties on Ukrainian side. At night, the insurgents conducted an artillery shelling of Ukrainian detachments near Chornukhyne and Mius.

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"Positions of the Donetsk airport defenders were shelled twice with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, and small arms. To destroy enemy's firing points, the ATO forces used artillery. Ukrainian artillery shelled and destroyed Sparta group near Putylivska road. Allegedly, 23 terrorists were killed and another 27 wounded, including the insurgents' leader Motorola. His car was destroyed. According to sources, high precision weapons capable of effective elimination of certain targets were used for this shelling. After the terrorists were destroyed, the shelling in the sector stopped, and the night was quiet," the headquarters informed. They also noted that the ATO forces only fire where this is safe for civilians of the Donbas.

Six Ukrainian patriots died over the past 24 hours in fighting in the east of Ukraine, nine were wounded. They were placed into hospitals.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n312249