Three NATO vessels enter Black Sea. Russian guard escorts them

The ships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia escorted NATO frigates entering the Black Sea.

Censor.NET reports citing RBK.

"The forces and facilities of the Black Sea Fleet took to escort a group of NATO ships that entered the Black Sea water area and consist of three frigates with guided missile weapons of the Navy of the Netherlands, Canada and Spain," the report said. The observation is carried out by the ships of the Russian Navy "Ivan Khurs" and "Vasily Bykov".

A group of three NATO warships entered the Black Sea on March 28.

Two vessels from the line-up of NATO Standing Navy Maritime Group 2 entered the Black Sea waters; Toronto, the frigate of the Royal Navy of Canada, and Santa Maria, the Spanish Navy frigate', reads the message. Dutch destroyer Evertsen joined the company, too.

The ships will enter the seaport of Odesa on April 1. The commanders of the vessels will meet with the military of Ukraine’s Armed Forces including Ukraine’s Navy and the representatives of the local authority during their stay in Odesa.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3119245