Our People Are Being Riled Up For War. Crudely and Cruelly – Russian Musician Makarevich


Famous Russian musician Andrei Makarevich believes that the Russian people are being prepared for war.

He wrote this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"I leave my home country for a few days (on different business in any direction). These two or three days are enough to feel that the whole world, in spite of all sorts of crises, lives differently - it smiles, it quietly works, it loves… I come home, and before going off to bed I flip through major TV programs, 10 seconds each: World War I, World War II, Ukraine, camouflage, dutifully weeping women, biathlon on tanks for some reason... Our people are being prepared for war - crudely and cruelly. My father told me that in 1939 (he was finishing school) everyone knew that there would be war - short, victorious, and on foreign soil. This is exactly the way it turned out - if anyone remembers. God, will this ever end?" Makarevich wrote.

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"And yet - I may be an idiot but explain to me: if oil becomes cheaper, then the gasoline becomes cheaper in oil-producing country, for it's made of oil. In our country, it becomes more expensive. HOW DOES THAT WORK?" the musician wrote.

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