Russia's Military Prosecutor Confirmed Pskov Paratroopers Killed Outside Their Home Station

Chief Military Prosecution of Russian Federation confirmed that the families of the killed paratroopers are being paid all relevant benefits.

This was announced by Russian human rights activist and member of the Pskov Regional Assembly Lev Shlosberg, who first discovered the graves of the fallen soldiers of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda. "I believe that the response of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, in spite of its, shall we say, much brevity, is an important document in our attempts to establish the circumstances of death of Russian soldiers in the summer and fall of 2014. We assume that they were killed on the territory of Ukraine during illegal hostilities, following an order by higher command," he said. According to Shlosberg, the killed servicemen were given criminal orders, execution of which they could not avoid.

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Shlosberg also said that the prosecutor's office confirmed the fact that the paratroopers were killed outside their home station, that is, outside of the Pskov region. According to him, the prosecutor's office did not respond to questions about who gave the orders, how they were given, where the paratroopers were moved, where and how they were killed.

On Nov. 10, the Chief Military Prosecutor of the Russian Federation refused to give information about the death of Pskov paratroopers because it constitutes a state secret. In response to the inquiry of the member of the Pskov Regional Assembly Lev Shlosberg, it is stated that the circumstances of the death of each of these paratroopers outside their permanent bases are known and being checked in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Act.

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On Nov. 11, Russia's Constitutional Court banned the investigating authorities to conceal the circumstances of the death of the paratroopers in question from their relatives referring to a state secret. According to Shlosberg, at least 12 Pskov paratroopers were killed outside the places of their permanent deployment.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n311643