"All DPR Residents Are Citizens of Ukraine" - Terrorists Demand Kyiv to Pay Pensions

The public representatives of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" are outraged that Ukraine does not pay pensions and social benefits on the territories, which the militants have captured and destroyed treasury and banking systems there.

Press center of the Donbas public representatives' appeal to the Ukrainian leadership circulated by the DPR said, Censor.NET reports citing OstoV.

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"We are deeply offended by the Ukrainian government's decision to actually confiscate legitimate pensions and benefits of our veterans, pensioners, disabled persons, and mothers," the statement reads.

The public representatives appeal to the fact that people who were left without pensions are residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and citizens of Ukraine, commenting on this fairly controversial and contradictory decision of the Ukrainian government to suspend all social payments on the territories controlled by the terrorists.

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Herewith, the representatives of the community do not put forward demands to the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics concerning the creation of an effective system of social security and repayment of debt to pensioners and vulnerable segments of the population, which appeared due to the seizure of power in certain regions of the Donbas. The DPR and LPR do not currently pay pensions and social benefits.

It was reported earlier that the terrorists who heated up social conflict in the Donbas and sowed the seeds of hatred to Ukraine promised during all rallies that upon their coming to power, the pensions and social benefits will be significantly increased, at least to the level of the Russian ones. 'The community of Donbas' states now that Ukraine must fulfill social obligations in the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR. Ukraine, in its turn, promises to pay off all debts to pensioners after the restoration of the legitimate authority on the occupied territories.

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