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 Czechs Call President "Russian Cockroach" and Call on Him to Resign: "You Do Not Represent Interests of Czech Republic"

Czech President Milos Zeman suffered another embarrassment. During his trip to the city of Opava, people called him a "Russian cockroach." The students of the Silesian University called on Milos Zeman to resign.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Ukrinform.

As soon as the president's motorcade drove up to City Hall of Opava, there were shouts from the crowd: "Russian cockroach." The hackler introduced himself as Tomáš Ott, who said he was unhappy with the way the president acts in relations with Russia and China.

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Zeman said in response: "You have to get used to loudmouths in a democracy. They are everywhere."

Even less amiable reception was given to the president's speech by the students of the Silesian University. The youth met the president with offensive banners.

During the rally on one of the city squares, the students put up a banner in front of Zeman. The resident offered the students to express their opinion from the podium.

A young woman stepped up and said: "Why don't you recognize human rights? If you did that, you would not recognize the territorial integrity of China. And it would be good if you avoided vulgarism you used during the broadcast. Thus, I urge you to resign because you do not represent the interests of the Czech Republic," she said.

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Speaking of profanity, Zeman once again reiterated that he only translated the name of the Pussy Riot group and quoted ex-Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. He added that he used the words listed in the dictionary of literary Czech language.

Earlier the Czech president repeatedly used foul language, as well as praised the Russian authorities live on the Czech Radio. It is worth noting that Zeman is one of the most pro-Russian heads of states in the European Union. He is known for having called the events in Ukraine a "civil war", and the Maidan - "a den of Bandera." Local media reported that he received preferential treatment from business close to Russian President Putin.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n311427