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 "They Always Need Human Shield," DPR Terrorists Have List of Prisoners of War Prohibited to Be Exchanged - Advisor to the Minister of Defense

“Donetsk People’s Republic” terrorist organization militants have a list of prisoners who are forbidden to be exchanged.

Adviser to the Minister of Defense on the Exchange of Prisoners Vasyl Budyk stated on air of hromadske.tv, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, there are 16 names currently in the list. Nadia Savchenko is also among them. However, they stopped exchanging not only servicemen but also civilians.

According to Budyk, it is hard to exchange civilians even if they are not in the restrictions list. Firstly, the Ukrainian side has no one to be exchanged for civilians at the moment. The second problem is that if we manage to liberate, say 10 civilians, another 10-15 are taking their place in captivity.

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"They always need a human shield. The blackmail on the elimination of this shield is a major impediment," Budyk said.

He insists that there are many villages that are currently protected this way - the insurgents promise to execute the civilians held captive in case of Ukrainian troops' breakthrough.

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