Pravyi Sektor and 93th Mechanized Brigade Liberated Opytne Village near Donetsk Airport. VIDEO

On November 6, Pravyi Sektor and the 93th Mechanized Brigade took over control of the village Opytne near the Donetsk airport.

Olena Bilozirska wrote this on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

Earlier, the terrorists often "bother" Ukrainian soldiers. "Thus, we planed to comb the area. If enemy isn't there, our armored vehicles would enter the village.

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We went into the fog, it was quite anxious, because the intelligence data was outdated for sure. There was obviously breach in security. We were shelled with Grad rocket system from the Spartak stadium. They missed. We heard how enemy tanks were moving", Bilozirska wrote.

But everything went well even without artillery support. But later they learned that 'Sever', Pravyi Sektor 18-years old fighter has been killed at the Donetsk airport.

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