Ukrainian Politics

 Ambassador Yovanovitch: US to support democratic Ukraine in upcoming elections

The United States do not support particular candidates but Ukrainian people. Democratic Ukraine with prosperous economy is a strong partner.

 As reported by Censor.NET citing U.S. Emabassy webpage, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Mary Jovanovitch said this in her speech at Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

"We support the Ukrainian people. Your goals are our priorities," said Yovanovitch.

She also emphasized that democratic Ukraine with prosperous economy is a strong partner for the U.S.

"The only alternative is the path offered by Russia, a kleptocracy, which seeks to divide Ukraine as the price for peace, to use its control of energy resources as a tool to isolate your nation, and to manipulate you and deprive you of independence in a system based on corruption. You know what that system looks like: golden toilets, pirate ship restaurants, and brutal repression against those who speak out against the abuse of power. You rejected it clearly before. Now is your opportunity to reaffirm that choice," Yovanovitch concluded.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3108776