Ukrainian Politics

 Tymoshenko promises to hold Poroshenko accountable for corruption

Batkivshchyna party leader Yuliia Tymoshenko has officially started her election campaign and declared that after being elected a president she will hold accountable everyone who has been involved in corruption for the past five years.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Batkivshchyna party press service, Tymoshenko said this during the press conference at the Central Election Commission (CEC).

"The whole country has drowned in corruption, for which the current President Petro Poroshenko is responsible. After the election, he will be held accountable for everything: for corruption during supply of equipment from his factories to the army and for profiting from bloodshed. He is to take responsibility for the five-year involvement in destruction of the country," said Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko also warned about possible fraud at the upcoming presidential elections.

"We will not let the 2010 repeat itself and will make everything to prevent fraud. We will send at least 10 monitors to every precinct and they will not let Poroshenko and his inner circle to rig the elections," she added.

Tymoshenko also mentioned that Ukraine is ruled by a corrupt oligarchic mafia, that she is confident in her victory and that her goal as the president is "ending the era of injustice and destruction of the economy and wealth of each family."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3108743