Russian Terrorist Troops Preparing for Attack. Putin Considers Open Aggression Against Ukraine - Tymchuk


Over the past few days, complete formation of strike tactical groups of the enemy was conducted in the Donbas (namely strike - their composition, disposition, and character of the activities do not suggest that the Russian terrorist troops prepare for defense), and they are almost completely ready to attack at any moment.

This was announced by Dmytro Tymchuk of InfoResist on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, Russia strenuously throws its units to the state border with Ukraine at the same time.

"In this connection the question arises whether we should wait, firstly, for a large-scale attack of Russian terrorist troops in the Donbas, and secondly, for an open Russian invasion? The fact that the Russians move their operational tactical missile systems to the border suggests that Putin is considering the option of open aggression against Ukraine (quite obviously, under the guise of "protecting local population of Donbas that expressed its will in the elections in the DPR and LPR"). However, this scenario is clearly not the primary, and they prepare to it 'just in case,' as well as for pressure on Kyiv in order to prevent its active offensive operations against terrorists," Tymchuk notes. "This can be concluded based on the facts that:

1) Moscow never officially recognized the DPR and LPR as quasi-state formations, it has only expressed "respect to the will of the south-east of Ukraine" in the pseudo elections (however, this formulation allows, if necessary, for Putin to "protect" this "declaration of will").

2) Units of the Russian army arriving at the Donbas dress as local militants, with gangs insignia; the servicemen are being taken away their documents - thus, the focus on continuation of the earlier format of covert invasion is demonstrated. I mean, we cannot completely exclude open Russian invasion, but it can happen, most likely, in the event of an attack by the Russian terrorist forces in the Donbas, their defeat, and responsive successful offensives by the Ukrainian troops," the expert wrote.

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According to Tymchuk, the InfoResist group does not agree with Western experts and some of Ukrainian officials that there are "only tutors" from the Russian Federation training the militants in the Donbas.

"The information we have and which is confirmed hourly (by the way, including testimonies of captured Russian soldiers) suggests that not only Russian mercenaries are active in the Donbas, but the Russian army units as well - these include regular sabotage-reconnaissance groups of the Main Intelligence Directorate, airborne units, and units of the Field Command of the Russian Armed Forces. So we ask officials to be cautious with making such statements. We should not pretend that we are fighting against local militants, and Russia does not carry out covert invasion and only "helps" them. This is not true," Tymchuk stressed.

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"It's clear that if the strike groups are created, they will soon be used as intended. Moreover, the enemy does not believe that the Ukrainian army will soon launch an offensive, otherwise it would at least give appearance of defensive measures (special thanks to Europe, strongly compelling Kyiv to "truce," although the "truce" means constant attacks by militants and the Russians, and the number of attacks since the beginning of "truce" is about 2.5 thousand, and as a result - permanent enlargement of territories controlled by terrorists, and more than 100 killed on our side). We believe that only showing strength on our part can thwart the plans of the enemy's offensive. If Kyiv, for political reasons, is not ready for offensive actions (including a threat of open invasion by Russia and reluctance to quarrel with pathologically peaceful EU), it must at least dramatically enhance defense and react extremely tough to the attacks and any attempts of offensive actions and squeezing our troops from their positions. As well as conduct preemptive strikes against concentrations of troops and equipment of the enemy positions near our troops. We have to finally understand that "peace agreement" is a screen that allows Russian terrorist forces to spread across the region using the inactivity of the ATO forces. If someone wants to play this "peace game" - no problem, negotiations can be conducted daily. But in practice, this should not prevent Ukrainian troops from acting appropriately and symmetrically to the enemy's actions. Unless, of course, we're going to greet the invaders with flowers and songs about "the great friendship of fraternal peoples," the military expert sums up.

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